Wednesday, July 5, 2017



Bertenang... inilah hendaknya ok kita kena senantiasa bertenang apabila menghadapi apa jua sekali pun pemasalahan hidup seharian.

Bertenang bertenang dan bertenang lah buat selama - lamanya sebab ini adalah tanda keimanan seseorang jika dibuat perbandingan yeah.

Bertenang ini adakah sikap lemah atau lembut peribadi seseorang itu??

Bertenang - tahu eja dan tahu sebut tetapi apabila berlaku sesuatu pemasahan semerta... apa akan jadi dan apa yang akan berlaku?  Tak tahu lah...

What you have? What you could do?


It is a very simple question here, a) What you have or owned or b) What you could do in your entire living?

Well... simple answers as question - I owned the ability to do : 1) I could sleep well., 2) I could walk perfectly., 3) I could eat whatever I wanted to., 4) I could work accordingly., 5) I could talk prone to sound., 6) I could jog or exercise any time I wanted ., 7) I could go on life with peaceful mind., 8) I could write as I wanted to express., 9) I could drive firmly and easily to handle the machine and 10) I could think rationally than others and 11) Still alive and survive.

I have owned: 1) A pair of beautiful and mindful children., 2) One clean and tidy home., 3) One prestige and wonderful career / job., 4) One imported car., 5) Sincere and wonderful relatives and 6) Good and helpful friends.

I am knowledgeable and firm manager in my own family. I am firm implementer in my career part in my organization. What else, you want to request ? Please do so! hi hi hi 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 KL Run

Well... just tried out the 5 KM run in this 2017 KL Run after I have been stopped participating in any running event for past 22 years. man so what happened? Good feelings but so tired as well.

Only 5 KM distance but I enjoyed it so much and it was good weather with peaceful rain in short while and I went through the finishing line with a big group of participants and that was wonderful feelings anyway ok.

I was having fun run together with my son and he ran so fast and completed the race so waited his old man to reach home and I did it too.

I have fun and togetherness as well as chit chatting our own experiences in the KL Run all the way to home sweet home, this is wonderful of family life I ever want to have ok.

What is what?

What is what?

Who knows what is going on and what would happening so what is what? What! this is different meaning to difference individuals and it would be different meaning at any other situation to an individuals as well.

What would be will be so let it be and let it go... Let it goes and let go when necessarily to do so. What? What is what he he he .... no question so no answer at all. 

What is this all about? There must be something on or something wrong going? No and it is not necessarily ok but what to refer ... nothing and just for fun yeah 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Give a try


Just gave a try... that's. This is what I really feel and meant about trying something that was quite obvious or above own limitation in this case.

Well.. what is it? It was about asking promotion in academic platform where I was assessed that I was qualified to do so and I was trying submit my application form to higher authority for their further action taken.

In reality, it was like a "war"  in a peaceful state or country because I was facing a lot of tremendous
queries and huge doubtfulness along the session time beside I had filling up a lot of official forms and as far as life is concerned, I took it as  challenge and I worked with my capacities as a single, tiny person in an organization for the sake of own achievement per se.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year 2017 to all bloggers

Plan - Execute and Output - then readjust to new plan - execute with heart then .... Output.

Well... plan it out no matter how tiny or how huge will be the plan for either one's self , for your family members or your communities as well ok. New year and very beginning of year 2017 ok!

After the year of 2016 -- past let it past and now looking forwards year of 2017 and plan out for own betterment and when ourselves getting better then the communities will be better as well as the nation too. Am I correct in certain point of view? Bye.

Happy New Years Friends

Friday, September 9, 2016


Dear Frens,

It is quiet sometimes that I did not put any comments or words in this Blog. It was by reason like  I used to say - life is full with sorts of challenges or even I could describe that life is unpredictable happenings all the way.

Well...  this time, I would like to reveal on what is SS Vs SS - Self - Satisfaction Versus Shiok Sendiri yeah! I am in one of the limestone environments which I would say that no matter what mission that I completed on time that given to me or even it was reaching the set objective but seriously it would be treated like oook by ...... by all means that it was supposedly my responsibility to complete it perhaps and there was and not even  by .... So,  as far as the result is concerned, I am the one also was trying hard to promote the completion of the mission by self - afford.

When "golden time"  time comes, all completions of my works were not be taken under consideration at all but there were all sorts of blames and creation of uncertainties were thrown to my asking.... Thus, this situation is SS Vs SS ... which and which? Bye fren.